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Spirituality in the New Millennium; A Talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Spirituality in the New Millennium; is a talk by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living organization. In this article, Sri Sri spoke about what is spirit, love, aspects of spiritual life, thoughts, divine force and energy. 
There is three more sub communication. One is head to head communication; another is heart to heart; third is soul to soul. Head to head- they talk a lot; heart to heart-they say few things are same; soul to soul-they keep silence. 

Discussing something very dear to us, discuss something that often take; we need to be a cordial and informal atmosphere. If formal atmosphere is not congenial for the knowledge… 

What’s happening now? We’re eager to listen something, right? Are you agreeing with your listen to something? What is it that you’re eager to listen to something? That is the ‘spirit’. We’re looking at me now. What is that which is looking at me? Listen mine’s, the eyes, and mind. In the spirit something deep in us. That saying is in all the activity we do. What is that? Knowing it, not just through books; but on in experiential level is the real spiritual knowledge. Studying the spirit- to study spirit, all that is to have spirit.

As I spoke to in your mind there is dialogue happening- yes, no, yes, no… that faculty we calling intellect

Now let us see, what is the spirit? What are its characteristics? What are its qualities? Basically life;  Are you noticing, you’re saying yes, no, yes, no… that is important to observe that…it doesn’t matter whether it is saying yes or no. it’s important to know that it saying yes or no. 

The life is made up of a substance is called ‘Love’. That is what we are. And all that we do in our life is out of love or far love. Including all the negative emotions we experience. Isn’t that so? You feel jealousy, because there is love. You love perfection, so you’re angry at imperfect. You’re greedy, because you love something more. Right? So, all the negative emotions that we undergo in our life; are all distortions of love. Yet, the human tendency is to have such a love; that doesn’t die, that doesn’t get distorted. And, the knowledge is that which brings such a love. 

First aspect of spiritual life is to feel free, feel at home, anywhere, everywhere with everybody. Can we do that? Are you doing it? Is a question we need to ask us? We feel free? Take a child; is at home, anybody, any age group, any background, first aspect.  

Second aspects of spiritual life are stop blaming yourself and start praising yourself. Often we think when we praise ourselves that is ego. And an egoistic person can’t praise himself. They want someone else to praise him. When you cannot praise yourself, you expect praise from others. And you must realize that every praise goes only to that one. If I say, I’ve a beautiful hair or beautiful nose, to whom does that the credits go? To that one thing which made this; isn’t this? If I say I’ve great life, to whom are you complementing? The creator of the life. So all your talents, all your virtues, all that you have, belongs to that one thing. Then why you hesitate to praise yourself? Praising ourselves, is second aspect of spiritual path. If you cannot praise yourself, you know you can’t praise others too. You know what - Because, self blame is that which hampers all the negative tendencies. And if you could praise yourself; you don’t bother whether someone praises you or not. So, what if nobody praises, so what? You get centered.

The third aspect of spiritual path or the third dimension of spiritual life is - being centered. And have sense of belongingness; you know everyone is part of it. The circular we go we finally one thing. The grass level, the bodies are separate. Little circle we go, breath we can we say; this is my air, this is my breath, my air. The air that goes inside it was all after that goes into everybody else. Devotions are only at surface; circular we go, we can’t have boundaries. Because, there are no boundaries. 

Recognizing this aspect, there is no boundaries it takes all the inhibition. When all the inhibitions are gone, the human values in you naturally spring forth… without any effort. What you say, yes, no? 

What could be the next aspect of spiritual life? What are the diverges? Sense of belongingness that have some responsibility also. Of course meditation. Little meditation, few minutes of meditation; cultures of nervous system. The centered of our life, it’s always there; because it is not visible, it is not clear. Just like putting attention on your own body. Now, tell me what is important? The sceneries or the eyes, which is more important? The eyes. And what is more important than the eyes? The mind, right? Eyes are open, mind is elsewhere; and then you don’t see. The sound is coming in your ear, and your mind is somewhere; you don’t hear. So what is more powerful than the eyes? The Mind. What is more powerful than the mind is the intellect; it is the judgment in your mind that goes on. Says what, this is like this; though I know this, so I know that. 

Which is beyond the intellect? Peace or that’s what we are. If you just look at your own life and your own experience; you know that, there is something that doesn’t do. How? You know, when you look at the children, when they grown up; you feel all they grown up, but you’ve not changed. Everyone is growing; but not me. 

When we sit in meditation, it was little bit becoming calm on, calm on and calm on… then the memories comes up; all the memories. Laying on such energy, this cannot be destroyed. Or conscious is such an energy which slow, but can’t be destroyed. Like, suppose you want to remember what happened in you’re in tenth standard or ninth standard; it doesn’t come to your straight away. But if you brush your mind or memory, calm down… then you’re able to know it. In the same way, we find went off our mind, consciousness; brings what the memories. And those memories make you leave more in the present moment. So, next aspect of a spiritual life is to leave in present moment. The mind has a tendency that letting past and future, past and future. You’ve reached the goal, but still you’re thinking I should have taken the other road, I should have taken the ring road, or I could have reached there half an hour before… you’re not here at all. But regretting the pasts, create toxins in your body. And just imagine how you’ve time to this regret.  Every time we regret the dream and the mental energy. Are we’re angry about the pasts and anxious about the future. Bringing these tendencies to a hall; seeing the present moment is inevitable, is the next aspect of spiritual life. 

When you make the present moment inevitable, then you’re able to deal with things in a much better way. The mind has two tendencies; one is swinging between the past and future, second is trim out a thing that is negative. If ten complements I given to you and one insult; you just grab that one insult and kept in you. This tendency of mind can be stopped by YOGA. Yoga makes you child again. 

What are thoughts? Every moment thoughts are coming. Just imagine, the whole is full of coca cola bottles; and you’re the bubbles come out of them. Like that every mind, thoughts are coming, every second, every fractions of second… they come and disappear, come and go… and thoughts are so filthy; why should we base our life on someone else opinion. Why should we think, what that person thinks about us; let them think what they want - good or bad; so what? It doesn’t matter, if anyone thinks about us. If someone tries to manipulate and create the situation to control other’s thoughts, they should think only good about us. Give freedom to everyone, whatever they want to think about us. When you give freedom, then you become free from them and their opinions, the fear of opinions. What we sought today, is the fear of opinions. Isn’t it? 

Why divine force? Whether you call a divine or basic force in life? That is in control of breath. It is that which manages everything in the world. That trust comes like pain in the leg. You know, when you’ve a pain in the leg, you don’t ask someone do you real have a pain. Even if all the doctors tell you don’t have any pain, it’s an illusion; you say - no, I have a pain. So, when such deep and standing experience of one truth; that is in control of the whole universe, and it is my belongs to meet. Happens spontaneously. No ten years to go and sit in Himalayas. Right now! 

The practical step is to raise the energy level. So when you’re happy, you’ve lot of energy, you’re not tired. When you’re tired, even small things will irritate you, doesn’t it? Now, how to increase the energy in you? The self cannot be achieved by someone who is very weak. Weak, in the sense, the mind. So, how to increase the energy? 

Very simple, there are four different sources of energy. First source of energy is food; right amount of food. If you eat more food, you become more tired. If you not eat at all, then also you tired. So, right amount of food is the shape of your two hands like a cup. This amount of food one time and well digested food; according to your body or system is the right amount of food. Second is right amount of sleep; unless one is very good meditated, then he doesn’t matter. For half an hour of meditation then, no need to sleep. Here again if you sleep too much, you feel more tired. On holidays, you sleep for ten, twelve hours, you feel worst; isn’t it? So, right amount of sleep. Third aspect is the breath. We can be without sleep or food but we can’t without breath for more than two minutes; Right? The first thing we did coming to this world is – we took a deep breath in; the second thing we did is – started crying. The last thing will be in this earth is – giving the breath out and making everyone else crying. In between these two breaths, inhalation and exhalation – we keep crying all the time. When the mind is under the stress, the breath can bring that calmness to you. Breath is link between the body and mind. For every emotion, there is a particular rhythm in the breath.

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